Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dog Wood Park

Stella met lots of new friends ...

 ... & frolicked in Lake Bow Wow.

 Nice Husky shake sequence (click the pic to enlarge)

 I cropped one of Rob's Husky portraits since I thought her ears looked cool.

This Boxer runs like a Jaguar.

Sulley dries off.

Beautiful Golden Retriever

Penny goes airborne! Great shot Rob!

 Stella shows Sulley she's the boss.

Then Sulley showed Stella that sand is way more fun to dig than dirt.

Stella loved Lake Bow Wow!

 Jaclyn with Memphis & Chelsea with Penny & Sulley.

 This Chocolate Labrador puppy bullied the sweet Golden Retriever.

Hey gimme that tennis ball! I'm a Great Dane & way bigger than you, even though I'm just a puppy.

This Labradoodle was part miniature Poodle. Even though he was really small, he fetched tennis balls nonstop.

 Stella would have been in BIG trouble if she did this ...

 or got as dirty as this ...

Rob & I shot over 1400 pix. After a few incredibly active hours at the park, Stella slept for 3 days straight!

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