Sunday, January 29, 2012

Waggin' Wagon Wheaties!

Today we went to take pictures of Rosie & Laddie's last litter before the 7 pups go to their forever homes. These are Stella's newest siblings.

Olivia & Tracie came along to lend a helping hand. Their job ... VERY important ... Chief Puppy Wranglers!

It was challenging! As soon as they let go, the pups would jump ship.

It was only a matter of seconds before the puppy would jump out of the mini-wagon & climb onto Rob.

One of the staging areas was Rob's truck.

Olivia carefully placed our subject in the wagon.

Awww! So cute!

This pup is identical to Stella at that age. So sweet! She's my fave!

This is the only Wheaten with an American coat in this litter. Her 6 siblings all have Irish coats. Usually the litters are split more evenly. Mom is Irish & Dad is American. They'll all be the same light wheaten color when they're mature.

Am I supposed to pull myself?!?

Is it nap time yet?!?

Me 'n the Stella look-a-like. How cute is that itty bitty Radio Flyer wagon?!?

Laura & her 7 puppies

Posing for Rob

Olivia had her eye on this pup! She tried, unsuccessfully, to smuggle her home.

Tracie & Olivia with their pick of the litter

Please take me home! Please!

Did somebody say nap?!?

Passed out pile 'o pups!

Revitalized after a short nap.

Laddie always remembers me when I come to visit ...

Me with Rosie, Laddie & their 7 new puppies (Stella's parents & siblings). Stella was not happy when I got home, smelling like 9 different dogs!

Thanks to Renee & Greg for letting me borrow the mini Radio Flyer and to Cynthia & TK for the all-terrain Radio Flyer limo!

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