Monday, June 24, 2013

Treasures from the Attic

A Victrola. That's what my grandparents called a record player. Love the RCA dog. Under the dog it says, "His Master's Voice."

An old Zenith clock radio.

My dad was an avid photographer, but I'm not sure why he's shooting a stripper ...

... while my mom is changing my diaper! I wish these had a date on them. All I know is that they were drawn at a restaurant called Henry Stampler's Filet Mignon on Central Park West in Manhattan.

Here I am running around Cypress Gardens with my camera in 1981.

My old varsity jacket from high school. Go Lynbrook Owls!

My mom's wedding gown was preserved & sealed in a box.

Old retro box

One of my favorite books. It's a little crazy that Dennis has 2 guns on the cover, even if they are toys!

A carpet sweeper ... those things were useless!

YIKES! A creepy book that luckily I don't remember.

Neon green shag carpet remnant ... straight out of an Austin Powers movie.

 Another book ...

 Here's the dumpster, half full of non-treasures.

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