Friday, October 07, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

Mary made delicious grilled cheese & coffee on the camp stove.

Stella spots a frog in the pool. I'm not sure how she saw it through all of those leaves.

Downed trees were everywhere.

My car ... the leaf magnet.

Google & Stella were happy to go for a walk in the park.

Bold Bean coffee break

My neighbor Chris stayed at the beach & sent me this pic of the National Guard patrolling our street.

Water was bubbling up out of the manhole cover.

During the hurricane, the water almost rose to the top of my bulkhead ...

... this is how high the water is on a normal day.

Stella considered the mulch to be a lizard obstacle course. She had a blast chasing & climbing!

When we went for a walk, we spotted a fish near the sewer.

Stella LOVES all of the sticks that were blown all over the yard! She was very helpful during the big cleanup!

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