Sunday, January 19, 2020

Florida RV Supershow

Yesterday & today Mary & I went to the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa. We've gone a bunch of times over the years. We were convinced we wanted a Winnebago Travato.

We belong to a bunch of Travato groups on Facebook & found out there were over 70 members parked together in the lot & hung out each night. One night Winnebago bought them all pizza! How cool is that?!? This Travato has a window decal like we used to have on our VW Eurovan camper. Each time you visit a new state, you add the decal.

Here we are with Smokey Bear. Apparently that's his real name. Not Smokey the Bear!

This is the 2020.5 Travato KL. It's much lest claustrophobic that the GL.

 The bathroom is in the back.

On the way home we stopped at La Segunda Bakery. They've been in business since 1915 & make the most amazing Cuban bread!

Stella & Google really wanted to try some when we got home.

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