Saturday, February 29, 2020

Hank's 90th Birthday Weekend

The big 9-0!

The 90 Year Old Club ... Al, Saul, Hank & Burt!

Hank may be 90 but he acts & works out like he's 40 ... or younger!

We had a big party at my mom & Hank's house.

Doris & Sandy

Murray & Larry

Mom & Hank

Larry, Hank & Neil

Back row: Larry, Hank & Neil
Front row: Amber, Sammi & Vickie

Back row: Larry, Hank, Lorraine, Neil & Deb
Front row: Amber, Sammi & Vickie

The Birthday Boys! Hank, Al, Burt & Saul

Earlier that day, we went to an art festival in Delray with Helaine & Norm.

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