Monday, January 15, 2007

Another weekend in Weston

As a kid, I grew up (in Lawrence, NY) in a 3 family house, literally. Two cousins, an aunt, uncle & his dentist office "lived" in the downstairs unit. Next door to our apartment on the upper level, were three more cousins, Aunt Pauline & Uncle Ike. It was a really big house that was inhabited by various family members over the course of 4+ decades. After I graduated from nursery school, I forced my parents to move since I thought the house was haunted by Felix the Cat. Felix STILL gives me the creeps today! Click on the link above if you wanna get creeped out. In France he's called "Felix le Chat" and he's equally creepy!

A few years ago, our "family" sold the house & before it was demolished to build a condo complex, we decided to hunt for hidden treasures in the basement & attic. We found a bunch of great stuff including a couple of tables from Uncle Ike's boat that featured nautical maps of Long Island & some very cool light fixtures that are hanging in my dining room. Mary uncovered this bowling trophy that was engraved with my Aunt Pauline's name. If you knew Aunt Pauline, you wouldn't imagine that she ever picked up a bowling ball, let alone won a trophy.

I was in Weston again for the holiday weekend to work on my BRUTAL never-ending packing project. The window light made a nice pattern on the wall so I sprung up to shoot the trophy.

Tally wasn't in the mood to be photographed this weekend, so I decided not to torture her.

She was however, interested in checking out the stuff I was photographing to sell online.

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