Sunday, January 07, 2007


Tally woke me up at 7am for an early morning walk.
The light was beautiful.

Tally is VERY picky about her treats. Dogwiches are the ONLY ones she likes. It's a cute doggie Oreo with beef flavored cream. Purina stopped making them awhile ago but I had a pack in the fridge. Today Tally went bonkers when I photographed the last one on the patio table. Mary says it's like doggie crack. Apparently, a lot of dogs were addicted to them. Maybe that's why they were taken off the market. Here's a movie I made awhile ago called Tally Raids the Fridge, starring Tally & her favorite snack.

We brought Tally home then went to Bogarts Bagels for breakfast with Sandy & Patty (Bobby & Larry were playing golf). Mary spotted this well-behaved deer in a Volvo wearing a seatbelt. I sure hope they didn't think they could use the carpool lane. The antlers are a dead giveaway!

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