Monday, January 08, 2007


I guess it was a bad idea to be out of the office last week. Jana kept her promise to retaliate against our "Dancing with the Stars" prank (see Nov 16th blog post). I got to work early to get a head start & cracked up as soon as I walked into my office. I felt myself smiling ear-to-ear! Needless to say I didn't get any work done until I photographed my office for my blog.

Jana knows that Celine Dion gives me the creeps! She completely covered my office with REALLY creepy pictures. They were inside my cabinets & drawers, under my Wacom, on my phone & apparently many other places that I haven't found yet. If that wasn't bad enough, she replaced my desktop wallpaper with Celine & there were a couple of Celine jpgs hidden on my messy monitor. Chris told me that I was lucky that no one in the office had any Celine CDs, or Jana would have loaded up my iTunes.

Since I'll probably be finding more pix for months, it's the gift that keeps on giving. So far I found 38 Celines. Jana was SO proud of herself! Look at the workmanship. She should definitely get credit for this on her performance review!

Did I mention I love my job? Our office sure knows how to have fun!

Look out Jana ... payback's a bitch! ;o)

Oh yeah ... one more thing ... I was working late & the cleaning man came to clean our office. To avoid embarrassment, I had to greet him before he got to my office to warn & assure him that I HATE Celine. He smirked & said he saw it last week. He said that he just figured whomever worked in my office must REALLY love Celine. Then he shook his head & said, "she (Jana) got you good!" He couldn't stop smiling every time he walked past my door.

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