Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cutter & The Buckettes

James took a nice photo of Laura, Denise & me performing in our ridiculous Saturday uniform. From the tag of our pink puffy vest ... "At Cutter & Buck we celebrate classic American style, pairing innovation with tradition, luxury with ease: all with distinguishing details and exacting craftmanship" ... YEAH, RIGHT!

First Denise (AKA "the uniform narc") sent the following email to John:
"I thought it should be noted that Caryn is not wearing the cotton candy pink puffy vest today. If others look like the Pillsbury Doughboy wearing a quilt, she should too. I knew you would want to know. Some things just need to be reported. I'm sure you will want to armed with this information when you do her review."

Then her updated email:
"Well Caryn showed up in the media center with her lovely pink vest on to match the rest of us. Wish you could see how happy we all look in our cotton candy pink quilted Pillsbury Doughboy look. James made Laura and I sit in the front of the bus this morning since we could protect them with our air bags."

Will somebody please tell me what's up with this??? Is it Sweet'n Low or Equal? Must be Sweequal! Who decided it was okay to put Sweet'n Low in a blue packet? Another Canadian trick was them trying to pass off Sugar Twin as Splenda. I was outraged!

Chris shot Kim & Zach looking at the contact sheets of the pix I shot at their house last week. I think they like them.

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