Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ladder Please!

The US Team wives applaud when Nelson brings the ladder out on cue. A crew was there to capture the moment for "Inside the PGA TOUR." The phrase "ladder please" apparently has a lot of history at the Presidents Cup.

Chris climbs up the ladder to shoot the official opening ceremony team portrait. Is Sam shooting between Chris' legs?

Now where did I leave my hat?

You put your left foot in ... you put your left foot out ...

It's not easy posing 28 golfers, a President & a Prime Minister, but it all came together.

The USA Team wives sure know how to have fun!

Where is Chris going in a sweater & tie when it's 88 degrees outside? To shoot golf, of course! As TOUR staff we had to wear uniforms at The Presidents Cup. None were suitable for shooting golf. Most of the ladies clothes were long sleeve shirts under long sleeve sweaters. It was unseasonally hot this week, so we were all pretty miserable in our inappropriate attire.

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