Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mini Road Trip

After our final seminar, Mary went to the airport to rent a car. Then Mary, Jana & I drove out of Vegas for a mini road trip while the boys played golf at TPC Summerlin. We found some great sights.

I love how the paint peeled differently on the front ... and back.

I found this old scale outside an antique shop.

It sure is hot out here ... 98 degrees at night ... but it's a dry heat.

Jana finds a prince.

As we're driving into Boulder City, Jana asks if that's a giant "B" or an "8" that seemed to be painted on the side of the mountain. I said, "it's a "B." She said, "why"??? I said, "because it's flat on the side." She meant why is there a "B" on the side of the mountain. I thought she was asking why I thought it was a "B" & not an "8." We had a good laugh. Then we got into town & happened upon this motel with a missing "B" on their sign. Then everything made sense. BTW - I shot this image with a Fuji IS-1 infrared digital camera that I borrowed from Brandon.

Vegas fast food. You can't visit without a quick trip to IN-N-OUT Burger.

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