Friday, June 06, 2008

The Big Day ... Finally!

Today was the closing on my house in South Florida. Yippee! It's been on the market for 14 months. I had to put on a new roof & lower the price substantially. UGH! I'm just relieved this is finally behind me. It's been tough having two houses for 16 months. John won't be able to call me the "land baron" anymore. These are from some fortune cookies I opened last night ...

Here's the brand new roof that's been under construction for the past two months. The actual installation was about 3 weeks, but it was a long process between permitting, tearing off the old roof & numerous inspections.

I was both surprised & appalled to get a notice last week that a lien was being put on my house because there was some red tape (no pun intended) on my garage coach light. I couldn't believe they wasted two sheets of paper, an envelope & a stamp. I think it would have been easier for the neighbor to remove the tape, rather than report me to the homeowners association. It was a remnant of the new roof installation. Mary went to the house to take a picture of it, since I had no idea what they were talking about. I brought the piece of "DANGER/PELIGRO" tape as well as before & after photos to the closing, in case they said I couldn't close.

I shot a "goodbye house" self-portrait in the master bathroom.

After the closing, I went to Sawgrass Mills & Ikea.

Then I went to Brio Tuscan Grille for dinner with Bobby, Patty, Jessica & Madeline. It's in a new area called The Shops at Pembroke Gardens, which looks just like St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville. The Bruschetta Caprese was delicious.

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