Saturday, June 28, 2008

Waffles & Hank the Pup

Just yesterday, James, icaryn's biggest fan, was asking me what's the obsession with waffles. There's not really an obsession, but in the words of JS, they are "legendary." What's not to like? You get to play with your food (decorate them), they're nice to photograph (makes the meal a tax write-off ... just kidding) & they taste good too (at least the fruit is healthy).

Anna, Chris & Beth came over for some of my famed waffles. Even though Anna is a waffle virgin & Chris/Beth are waffle regulars, they do have something in common (besides golf/photography) ... Chocolate Labs.

After breakfast we walked over to meet Hank ... a 6 month-old pup. Shelby is gonna be very jealous when they get home smelling like Hank.

After Chris & Hank were done making out ...

... Beth & Hank were Dirty Dancing!

Hank could tell that I love dogs.

Anna captures the lovefest.

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