Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost in the Flood

Amy & I were due to tee off at 9:09am, but it wasn't meant to be. I walked across my bedroom & wet footprints appeared in the carpet. Upon closer examination we heard water flowing in the wall. UGH! We shut the water main, but the damage had already been done.

A plumber arrived within an hour & determined where to cut the drywall. UGH! A glue joint came loose, but he fixed it quickly.

Next, the water damage restoration specialists came. They determined that the carpet was a total loss & started ripping it out. Bummer, since the master carpet is only a year old.

There was a lot of water, but they couldn't remove all of the carpet until the waterbed was drained & disassembled.

They removed the baseboard molding & drilled more holes in the wall. Then they set up 3 dryers (one had hoses piped into the wall) & 2 gigantic dehumidifiers. They're REALLY noisy ... like a jet engine & will probably have to run for a week.

After that a guy came to drain/disassemble my waterbed. Next up is a structural engineer & the insurance adjuster. What a MESS! This wasn't what I planned for my day off.

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