Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keep on Truckin'

Rob designed the most amazing bike jersey for Team PGA TOUR to wear in the MS 150 Cycle to the Shore. I become mesmerized everytime I look at it. It's so AWESOME!

Here's a close-up. He said his Illustrator file probably had 10,000 layers!
That's NUTS!

Here's the template. It's incredible to watch it "build" one layer at a time.

Today SI posted a gallery of the Top-10 Men's Tennis Players of All Time. My Wimbledon Agassi cover is on the left & Mary's Roland Garros cover is on the right.

My Pete Sampras cover on the left was from his first ever Grand Slam win at the US Open. I'm bummed Jimmy Connors didn't make the top-10.

I swore I would never dress Stella up, but on our trip to Petco, she begged me to let her try on this hippie bus Halloween costume. I think she likes it.

Stella wouldn't get any closer while Rob photographed & fed the ducks, turtles & fish.

Rob & Stella were spooning on the lounge chair.

I think they're in love! I might have to rename my blog "Rob & Stella"!!!