Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Morning Fishing

Sunrise at the Cabana Club.

I amused myself by shooting a bunch of giant conchs.

There's never a shortage of pups on the beach.

When I saw this dragonfly on Rob's shirt I said, "don't even budge!"

Rob was so happy he caught the first & almost only fish.

John wasn't giving up.

He finally caught dinner ... a big speckled trout.

I think Rob has fish envy!

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Kirsten said...

I LOVE the new blog! It looks amazing and a wonderful way to showcase your pix. I'm going to guess it's much easier for you to shoot Stella than it is for Beverly to shoot Fluffy Cat. I always enjoyed her Christmas cards. Even though cats certainly like to just sit around they aren't the most cooperative models.

Wow, this is so good looking - got me re-thinking my blog design, although it does go with my site and I'm just not ready to redesign and recode.