Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stella's First Birthday Week!

Since Stella's first birthday is this Thursday (March 3rd), I thought I would bake a doggie cake & have a little party.

Luke & Hank joined Stella for her soirée.

I don't think Stella knew she was supposed to blow out her candles.

Yum! The peanut butter & carrot birthday cake was a big hit.

Everybody devoured it!

They were so full they needed a nap, but managed to pose for a photo.

Tracie & Shelby came over later in the day for a piece of birthday cake.

Then Jack & Jill brought Logan over for cake. He wasn't too fond of the party hats! Stella had a GREAT day filled with so much fun & so many friends. She wishes Tori wasn't out-of-town, but saved her a piece of yummy birthday cake.

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