Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wheaten Wall & Playdate

Today Greg came over to hang my Wheaten wall. First we took down a large Alphalam of Tally to relocate across the room.

Even without opposable thumbs, Stella managed to help out.

Greg prides himself in being more of a perfectionist than I. At one point he muttered, "Oh that's waaay off!" He meant it was off by 1/8" & proceeded to fix it. Wow!

Taking a break.

The master hanger & my little supermodel.

The finished wall ...

... 11 Alphalams, mostly of Stella with a little Rosie, Laddie & Tally.
I couldn't have figured out anything without Rob doing the layout in InDesign. Thanks Rob & Greg!

Logan (left) our Wheaten neighbor came over with Jack & Jill for an impromptu playdate. He & Stella had a blast. It was hard to get them to sit still for a photo.

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