Sunday, July 03, 2011

Breakfast at Wimbledon & Closing Arguments

Anna, Tyler, Hank & Rob came over for our annual Breakfast at Wimbledon. During the commercials we flipped channels to watch the closing arguments for the Casey Anthony trial.

This is Stella's interpretation of Breakfast at Wimbledon!

Anna brought some very photogenic ingredients. Here are the organic fingerling sweet potatoes.

There was a lot of slicing & dicing going on for the hashbrowns & frittata.

Cracking the eggs.

Organic Vidalia onions, red peppers & turkey sausage were introduced to the organic eggs.

Anna's beautiful frittata also included Vermont Cheddar & Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese.

After a couple of hours, Stella was still raring to go, but Hank was exhausted!

Later on, Stella was okay wearing her raincoat ...

... because she knew she didn't look as silly as Bruno in his monkey suit!

Mary, Carolyn & I took Stella & Bruno to Guana for a swim.

Stella went in the ocean with Mary. She loved it, but quickly became obsessed with a guy flying a stunt kite.

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