Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soaking Wet Crazy Man!

A soaking wet crazy man ran thru & trashed my house today.

Toby was on the loose this morning. He ran in my backyard, Stella darted out the back door, & Toby jumped in the lake. I sure hope Stella didn't get any crazy ideas, since she'd get a major shock in midair. Then Toby ran away. While I was getting dressed, Toby ran in my house first shaking disgusting lake water over 4 newly professionally cleaned mirrored doors in my bedroom. Then he proceeded to drip lake water all over my bedroom carpet, new family room rug & the rest of the house. I finally caught him in my kitchen, put on a collar & leash, then took him home to his screened in patio. After I took the leash off, he pushed past me as I was leaving & ran away like a wild man. Tried to catch him but couldn't. Spent over an hour on this fiasco, have a trashed house & no dog to show for it! UGH!

Stella caught a bumblebee & brought it in the house for me. She's so thoughtful.

Reflection in pond scum ... gross, yet cool.

Detail of Renee & Greg's pool.

This was a DISGUSTING web of dead bugs that came off the high-hat light fixture about 25 feet above my front door. Sooooo GROSS! Thanks Rob!

Another Mushroom. This one was by my office. I hate mushrooms but shooting them cracks me up! I'm not sure why.

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