Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matt, Ilona, Maddie, Charlie & Luke

Today Rob & I photographed Matt, Ilona, Maddie, Charlie & Luke in the studio. Renee & Greg were on hand to help wrangle & replace kiddie shoes.

Either Maddie didn't love the camera, or she knew I love taking pictures of crying kids. I'm not sure which.

Charlie was all smiles!

This swing shot combines sports photography with crying kids. It's a win-win!

Maddie cracks a smile! I'm sure all the crying was because she knew I liked it.

Family pictures are not easy, but Rob did a great job! It's so hard to get adults to cooperate!  ;-)

As soon as I saw Maddie strike this pose & heard Rob snap the picture & I said, "OMG ... that's the George Costanza pose!" The resemblance is uncanny!

While I was out shopping this morning, I found this great notepad. I knew the PERFECT recipient!