Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Daddy Needs a Kidney Dot Com

Meet my good friend Matt Fischer.

He is an exceptionally kind, gentle giant who adores his children Madeline (age 7) & Charlie (age 7) - whom he & his wife Ilona, adopted as infants. He is a development manager, who builds software for hospital information systems. Nothing holds him down. He never misses a day of work, nor a chance to support his kids.

While Matt looks fine, he is in end-stage renal failure. His kidneys are functioning at less than 5%. LIVING DONATION IS THE ANSWER. Living donation is a voluntary gift of one kidney (we only need one) by a person who is able. Donors are thoroughly tested to ensure a SAFE & HEALTHY outcome for both the donor & the recipient. All medical expenses, travel, lodging & time lost at work will be covered.

Matt’s blood type is A. He can receive a kidney from an A or O donor. The antigen match is no longer an issue. The transplant will take place at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville – one of the leading healthcare facilities in the world – where over 100 kidney transplants are performed each year.

Living donation is a proven, safe & effective way of giving the gift of life to another person. Kidney donation is not right for everyone, & not everyone can donate.

We are searching for a living donor. Donation is a proven safe and successful procedure. A kidney donor is someone who is able and willing to give the gift of life. Thank you!

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After work, I shot some family pix we're using in a campaign to help Matt get a living kidney donor.

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