Thursday, March 22, 2018

Day Off?!?

Today I took the day off work to take care of a lot of stuff. It didn't seem like I had the day off at all! Nonstop 15+ hours! Because of roof construction, Stella was unable to go out in the yard.

6:15am wake-up
6:45am walk Stella
7:15am take Stella to groomer
7:30am roofers arrive
8:00am Starbucks for 10lbs of espresso beans & 4 shots
8:30am arrive Mayo
12:30pm leave Mayo
1-3pm mold inspection
3:15pm accountant
4:00pm pick up Stella at groomer
4:30pm walk Stella
6:15pm manicure/pedicure
8:00pm arrive home
8:15pm roofers leave
9:30pm walk Stella

During my day off, I also ...
sent 78 work texts
sent 3 work email
made 15 work calls

New haircut after a day of beauty at Deborah's Dog Styles.

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