Friday, March 09, 2018

My Birthday Weekend ... Day 1

I think Google wants my photogenic birthday cupcake.

When I tried to take a pic of it, it landed upside down on the deck.

Google offered to lick up the frosting.

Still photogenic!

We went to the Jacksonville Zoo so I could shoot more tests with the Sony RX10-IV. Of course I used my iPhone to shoot this snack bar sign ...

& the swamp gator

The next 6 zoo pix are with the Sony ...
Angolan Colubus Monkey

I always enjoy shooting the Rainbow Lorikeets.


I think the Emu resembles our President!


After the zoo, we took a ride on some back roads & to shoot one of my favorite subjects ... rust & peeling paint. First stop, an abandoned motel in Yulee.

Apparently, this souvenir shop still sells film!

Beetle in the garage ...

This abandoned BBQ is definitely not open!

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