Saturday, February 24, 2007

the mini move

Boy am I beat. The movers came at 8:45 am & it took 3 hours to move the apartment furniture, etc. I was up 'til 2:30 am wired & packing. There's not much left at the apt, maybe 2 or 3 car trips. When we got to the house, one of the movers said, "you got some crazy birds here! There's one in your garage & another one smashing into you car mirrors!" My car wasn't even in the driveway. Needless to say, I moved my car in the garage after they left. I wasn't told that this house came with "pets." Moving sure seemed to be a lot of work. I'm REALLY dreading the move from Weston. That's gonna be a NIGHTMARE!!!

Since it was a little cold in the house & I was wearing shorts, I opened the back sliders, put the Lafuma in the sun & huddled under a blanket. It was really nice.

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