Friday, February 02, 2007

"Super" flight ... NOT!

Okay ... what are the chances that my Southwest flight tonight originated in Chicago (to pick up Bears fans), then stopped in Indianapolis (to load up on Colts fans, including 47 Peyton Mannings), then JAX before heading to the Superbowl city??? It was a little crazy! I was the ONLY person on board NOT wearing a football jersey. Thank god I had my noise cancelling headphones! It was a VERY rowdy group. As soon as we started taxi-ing in JAX, the flight attendant announced that they were out of beer (obviously all the football fans drank it on the first 2 legs of their flight). You can imagine the reaction that got. Luckily they had plenty of wine & hard liquor. I told Mary that she'd easily spot me curbside since I was the only one at the airport not wearing a football jersey. Here are the signs at baggage claim to prove that I'm not making this up ...

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