Friday, February 23, 2007

"Walter" clouds

While walking back to my office after delivering some CDs to Golf 20/20, I noticed the sky was filled with amazing Walter clouds. They're actually Altocumulus clouds, but I've always called them Walter clouds (named for Walter Iooss, since they magically appear whenever he has a shoot). Altocumulus clouds, composed primarily of water droplets, are located between 6,500 & 20,000 ft above the ground. They're beautiful!

After work, I made one more run to the house with a carload of stuff. I had another bird-related incident. When I opened the garage door, a little bird flew in & wouldn't fly out. Instead, it continuously slammed itself into the ceiling of my garage. It wasn't the little cardinal that was attacking my car a couple of days ago. This one was about the size of a sparrow & had a yellow belly. After about a half hour of it flying around like a kamikaze, I called Evanne since she's so good with animal rescue. I ended up taking this huge piece of cardboard from the washer/dryer box & was able to corral it so it would fly out. Whew ... talk about an adrenaline rush! I'm exhausted!

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