Friday, March 09, 2007

Birthday Girl!

Today we had my office birthday lunch at Aqua Grill. It was delicious. Even though I don't believe a dessert can be considered a dessert without chocolate as it's main ingredient, the key lime pie was really good (and I don't even like key lime pie). From the picture it looks like I ate the whole thing, but I only had two bites. I'm not so sure I would have shared if there was chocolate involved! ;o)

Chris missed lunch since he was off today. He had to take the day off to catch up on his blogging. He hadn't posted anything since mid December & I told him there's no excuse for being a blog slacker. Was he subliminally trying to tell me that I make him work too hard? I don't buy it. I wonder if it would be against TOUR policy to make blogging one of his performance objectives? Anyway, his blog looks great. To celebrate the momentous occasion of his blog update & my birthday, Chris, Beth & I went to Chizu for a sushi dinner. We didn't take any pictures. I think Chris doesn't want my blog to be better than his! ;o)

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