Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sony Ericsson Open

The weather was beautiful so I figured I'd head down to Key Biscayne to shoot the Sony Ericsson Open (formerly the Nasdaq-100 Open, The Ericsson Open & The Lipton). I am one of three photographers that have shot all 23 years, so I thought I'd keep my streak alive.

I walked from the Media parking lot so I could shoot some pix of the new entrance.

I shot some Sharapova & Venus then the sky turned black & it poured. It rained for a long time so I didn't stick around to shoot Serena.

While I was chatting with Anita (Bud Collins' wife), Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario asked me if she could interview me for Spanish television. I agreed after a little coaxing. I can't believe I didn't ask Anita to take a blog photo for me. I asked how Bud was & she said he was laying on the couch in the back of the media center. I've seen those pants before, but never those socks.

The tennis spectators wear some interesting clothes. I call this outfit, "Pippi Longstocking & the Cat in the Hat meet a Polar Bear." Keep in mind it was in the 80's today. I don't "get" the furry jacket.

Well look who's coming ... it's Art & Mr Pierce (Mary's father, who used to be banned from tournaments & his new wife). I can almost smell a photo op. First they stealthfully scout a location. Then they find a picture perfect spot ... the busy valet lane.

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