Sunday, March 11, 2007

Once a conedog ... always a conedog!

This weekend I went to Chris & Beth's house to dogsit for Shelby. I had wondered if she would be sporting her cone. I guess she didn't want to disappoint me. This morning Shelby came to the door to greet me with a squeaky sheep in her mouth. She was pretty happy to see me. Last night I had a huge adrenaline rush after letting Shelby out in the yard. We were coming back into the house from the patio but we had to open the door extra wide to allow for cone clearance. Bailey, one of their three cats got out onto the patio. I figured it was no big deal & I'd just catch him. Bailey knows exactly where there's a big tear in the screen & headed for freedom into the VERY dark backyard. Luckily I caught him, but it was a close call. I figured he'd be hopping the fence.

I had to shoot thru the screen door to get these herons in my backyard.

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