Saturday, June 02, 2007

Busy Day

Last night we couldn't sleep at our house since the fumes were really bad, so we went to stay at Bobby & Patty's house. Tally thought we were there to pick her up. She had no idea what was going on since we've never slept there before. I put Tally's bed in between the two beds in Emily's room. She was thrilled. She wouldn't even get up in the morning when I was leaving to go meet the painters, so I dragged her bed across the house with her on it.

After the painters left, I went to dump all of my hazardous waste (paint, motor oil, & an old Apple 20" black & white monitor), since it's only accepted on Saturdays.

Tally was happy to be back in the passenger seat for a sleepover at my house this time.

Since Mary loves a challenge, tonight she did a lot of household repairs. First she replaced a rubber gasket in a toilet that started leaking yesterday. Then she uninstalled an instant hot dispenser + soap pump & plugged the holes in the sink where they came from. After the instant hot was fixed, the dishwasher & ice maker fixed themselves.

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