Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today I had to have surgery. I never had surgery before, so I was dreading it. I've only been in the hospital twice (I had my tonsils out when I was 6 & I needed 118 stitches after I ran thru a glass door when I was 8).

That anesthesia is amazing. I don't remember a thing! The surgery was laparoscopic, so my doctor (who BTW, was the Top Gun winner in the Laparoscopic Skills Shoot Out in 2005) expects me to recover in 2 weeks. My incisions are glued (not stitched) so that's pretty cool. My Mom & Hank are here taking care of me. Hank went to Publix to pick up some groceries & came back with some flowers. Publix wouldn't fill my Rx until I filled out a long form, so Hank brought it back to the house.

Then my mom went out & decided to fill my Rx at Target since the pharmacy is open later. She came back with the COOLEST pill bottle I've ever seen! The 2 different links above will tell you everything you want to know about these cool bottles. As long as I'm doped up on Percocet, I'll be fine.

Since you can't take Percocet on an empty stomach & the anesthesia/pain killers were wearing off, I asked my mom to make me a PB&J sandwich. I've been on a big PB&J kick lately, making the most delicious PB&J on earth using Archer Farms Multi-grain Artisan bread, Smuckers Red Raspberry Preserves with Splenda and Skippy Super Chunk Natural Peanut Butter. I told her where to find all of the ingredients. After she made it, she proudly strolled into my bedroom with her interpretation of my PB&J sandwich. She couldn't possibly be serious! The sandwich was open face & the size of my thumb!!! How can you even cut the bread that small?!? Please keep in mind that I hadn't had anything to eat since midnight (about 20 hours). What was she thinking?
The photo below is a reenactment, but even my mom says it's accurate. I put the quarter on the dish for scale.

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Anonymous said...

maybe your mom thought you had gastric bypass !