Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Wild Side of Employee Golf

The Creative Services team heads out to play the back nine after work.

The boys have no idea about the hazards they are about to encounter.

John is in surprisingly good spirits considering there's an 8 iron spearing thru his head.

This is "Gavin," Chris' head cover. Actually, when Mike asked what his name was, Chris said, "he doesn't have one." Mike thought he said, "Gavin." So Gavin it is!

Rob's bunker shot whizzed by my head while I was standing on the 10th green.

Unlike Rob, Mike wasn't aiming for me!

This fox was extremely bored watching our team ...

... and so was this heron.

Chris needs to get some black socks ...... or white golf shoes!

This gator was a little upset that nobody hit a golf ball snack in the water on 17.

Rob & Mike showed off their synchronized golfing routine on the famed island green.

While the fox was keeping himself amused with a branch, the heron was less than thrilled that I was stalking him.

This anhinga forgot that it can't fly with wet wings.