Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hospitality Day

I spent today shooting nearly 1100 photos of hospitality & merchandise. Every morning my lenses were fogged from the A/C in the media center. I used it to my advantage today to get a faux Lensbaby effect.

Kenyatta didn't know there was a photo of him in the newsletter until Dan opened it up.

Even though I missed the newsletter meeting, I could pretty much figure out how it went after looking at Mary's pictures. I'm guessing there was light streaming into our room in the media center, Mary grabbed her G10, Rob & JR were posing when Ward decided he didn't want to be left out. Am I right?

Nice embroidery.

VooDoo has a nice all-access credential ... fitting since his job was to guard the credential office. It looks like Mary caught him sleeping on the job.

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