Friday, May 01, 2009

The Tree Mover

At the end of a packed integration meeting this morning, Ric went around the room asking if anyone had anything to say. When it was my turn, I mentioned that I needed a tree removed on the 18th tee of the Stadium course. Definitely an odd request for integration. Everybody thought it was really funny (as did I) & nobody could believe that I brought it up. Stu offered to lend me his chain saw. There were 4 new palms planted within the last 2 weeks & one of them was in a crazy location that would ruin the view for photographers & fans alike.

Shockingly, it was removed less than 4 hours later. Wow!!! I was thrilled!

Later that day, I noticed I made Time magazine's "World's Most Influential People" under "Tree Movers & Shakers." Ain't Photoshop great?!?

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