Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Military Appreciation Day at THE PLAYERS

Last night we were in desperate need for a shot of the merchandise tent on 17 for today's pairing guide. Today I had my first picture published with my iPhone. Even though the light was terrible, I zipped out there in a golf cart & emailed the photo directly to Rob. I decided to shoot the same image this morning in better light. It's a good thing I had a polarizer with me. See the before & after of polarization below. That's crazy!

The light was beautiful for some early morning photos.

JD happened upon Chris being filmed by productions. Luckily he snapped this photo with his iPhone.

Stan was on Presidential duty all day.

Marching sailors on the 18th fairway.

The Navy jets flyover was meticulously timed.

Sherry & John stopped by the clubhouse after the ceremony.

While Jim, Deborah & Mike were talking to an ambassador, they had no idea that President Bush's golf cart motorcade pulled up right behind them.

I think the Secret Service thought Deborah's hat was suspicious.

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