Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social Sunday

Rob had some fun playing with my new Lensbaby Composer. He shot the fruit platter ...

& camera-shy Anna.

Then it was waffle time!

Not sure what Beth made ... Chris made a pac-man.

Tyler made a Mac logo ... not sure what Anna made.

Rob made a fish & a strawberry target.

I think it's best that I don't elaborate on Matt's waffle. I had to post 2 pix since it was 3D. Ilona's waffle was X-rated, so it was censored from the blog.

Then it was time for BBQ at Matt & Ilona's. Matt had been smoking 2 big pork shoulders all day. Tyler made fabulous BBQ nachos.

Matt made a lot of corn.

While the pork was being pulled ...

Matt put the corn on the grill.

Hank & Luke are best friends. They're not as vicious as they look.

Tyler & Hank have the same smile.


Ronnell said...

I love these photos! The corn one... that was just funny.

caryn said...

Thanks Ron! I cracked up when I shot it!

CaneWife said...

And now I"m hungry! Those waffle creations are amazing!