Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Working, Playing & Eating!

The light was beautiful so Stan & I went out to take some flag/banner pix before leaving the course.

I found this hat so I used it as a prop.

On Mary's recommendation, Stan & I went to the Boulevard Diner in Mount Pleasant.

Fried Green Toes ... wait, what?!?

I had delicious cashew crusted chicken.

Stan likes ketchup on everything so I decorated his chicken pot pie.

Then I took it one step further & really personalized it.

Stan & I shared some awesome chocolate cake for dessert.


"Googs" said...

HEY ! You can't be eating cake that is bigger than your head! BTW - when I spoke to you, you "forgot" to mention the cake. (or was it Stan's cake?)

caryn said...

Notice there are 2 forks! Stan & I split it & we couldn't even finish it. Don't forget you sent me to the restaurant.