Saturday, October 31, 2009


Rosie shows off her handiwork ... she hung 15 old wooden tennis racquets that I've been collecting, as a border on 3 walls in my Florida room. It definitely looks better than their former location ... on the top shelf of a closet for over 10 years. My favorites are the ones with little portraits of the players.

Then Rosie, Rob & I went to Shakti Life Kitchen for lunch. It's an organic, vegan, live & gluten free restaurant in Atlantic Beach.

Rosie had a "cheeseburger" ...

Rob & I had a Buckwheat Bean Burrito ... sprouted buckwheat beans, sunflower seed cream cheese, fresh greens, tomato, & sweet onion rolled in a fiesta spinach pepper wrap. It was pretty good, but eating this healthy is expensive.

We ran some errands on the way home, then went to pick up Mary at the airport. On the way back we stopped at Taco Lu & had lunch #2 (which ultimately ended up being dinner since we were too full to eat later).

Rosie helped Rob paint the hard-to-reach areas ...

... from the back of his head to inside his ear.

Mary whittled a support for the new VW bus metal sculpture, out of scrap wood she found in the garage.

Ilona was truly scared & creeped out by Rob.

Much to Anna's surprise, Rob decided to get completely into character.

We celebrated Rosie's birthday a day early since she & Mary are leaving at 5:30am tomorrow.

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