Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre Halloween & Pups

Even though I'm on vacation this week, I went to the office because we were having trick or treaters.

Spidermen twins

Rosie did an awesome job posing all of the kids.

My favorite was the scuba diver ... very original!

How cute is this?!?

Then it was time to shoot my officemates ... Mike was Uncle Sam ...

Evanne was a witch ... Jana was a goddess, though I really wish I could have seen her "non work appropriate" costume!

What can I say about Rob? For one thing, he takes Halloween VERY seriously! He shaved his head & had to get up at 5:30am to put on his makeup. His Darth Maul costume was incredible!

He molded his horns from scratch & got creepy contacts.

Rob designed our department's halloween card & turned Evanne green.

I wanted Rosie to meet Rosie.

Doggie Rosie REALLY liked human Rosie.

Rosie & Laddie were VERY happy to see me!